Rumor – New Nintendo Switch controller to be revealed soon

    The FCC just authorized a new controller model for the Nintendo Switch, and it appears that it will be released very soon. According to a Twitter user, the new controller is titled “Nintendo Game Controller” and was first published today, September 16, 2021. FCC IDs are issued to devices that have been registered with the Federal Communications Commission in the United States.

    The product code is ‘ BKEHAC043 ‘, while the majority of Nintendo Switch-related items contain the code “HAC.” For example, the Nintendo Switch has the code HAC-001, while the left Joy-Con has the code HAC-015.

    Some theories suggest that the next controller may be associated with new titles coming to Nintendo Switch Online (a replica SNES controller was launched alongside the SNES app in 2019), or even a Nintendo 64 controller. According to some reports, it may be a new Pro Controller model that will be released alongside the Nintendo Switch Model OLED on October 8th.