Shawn Layden says the idea of ​​bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC was his idea, not Jim Ryan’s

    Not long ago, the PlayStation began releasing some of its platform exclusives for PC, including Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Many people criticized the current PlayStation President, Jim Ryan, for introducing PlayStation exclusive titles to the PC, but he wasn't to blame.

    Shawn Layden took part in a chat with the “What’s Up PlayStation” channel. For those who don’t remember, Shawn Layden was PlayStation’s president before Jim Ryan. Shawn Layden confesses in the interview that bringing PlayStation exclusives to the PC was his idea, not Jim Ryan’s.

    According to Shawn Layden, the aim behind bringing PlayStation exclusives to the PC is to attract new PC-only gamers. As a result, they might enjoy PlayStation games and, in the end, convince PC users to buy a PlayStation machine merely to play an exclusive or sequel to a game that was available on PC but its sequel did not.

    Many of those who judged Jim Ryan must now apologize.