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PC Gaming News - 4 de September, 2021

Skábma – Snowfall to be released for PC in Q1 2022




The publisher PID Games, in collaboration with the developer Red Stage Entertainment, announced that the narrative adventure game Skábma-Snowfall will be released in the first quarter of 2022. The game will first be available on PC via Steam before making its way to consoles.

Skábma-Snowfall is a previously unseen depiction of indigenous legends and culture. Alone, which transports the player to a realm where ancient legends spoken over campfires in northern camps come to life! In this third-person narrative adventure, use your imagination to overcome the puzzles and obstacles that occur.

The village routine of Alone is disrupted in the game following an accident in a well that burns tar. A mysterious illness is spreading over the countryside, affecting everything from the earth to humans and animals. You play Ilu, a young Sami shepherd on the hunt for a fugitive female reindeer.

When Ilu discovers an old enchanted drum, Goavddis, an instrument containing the wisdom of the ancient Sami healers, the Noaidis, the secrets of this sickness begin to unravel. To identify the root of the disease, you must first locate the four Spirit Helpers and reconnect with nature. For the infected, time is of the essence, yet what has been lost can be reclaimed! Run to become the next Noaidi in this new era!


Skábma-Snowfall focuses on its unique heritage, which is related to Europe’s last indigenous people, the Sami. The game is concerned with providing a dazzling dubbing with scenes entirely in the northern Sami language to help the player’s tale come to life. Throughout the game, you will encounter four spirit helpers: Skuolfi the Owl, Guova the Bear, ámsa the Trout, and Rieban the Fox, each with unique abilities that will impact your actions and your ability to harmonize the disturbance that has spread over the Sami country.

You will be able to uncover unseen aspects of nature with the power of the drum and its Spirit Helpers, finding trails that will take you to collectibles, as well as the spirits of people and trees that will help you solve difficulties and riddles.

The whole music, based on traditional Sami yoik chants, was reconstructed by award-winning artist Hildá Länsman, and will make you feel more and more immersed in the storyline of the game as you discover the strange landscapes via the physical and spiritual realms.

Skábma-Snowfall is set to be released in early 2022 for PC via Steam and at an unspecified date for consoles, but you can already add it to your wish list.

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