Sony is working to include PS5 games in PS Now, suggests new patent

    A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals that the format holder is aiming to bring games from the PS5 to PlayStation Now, its cloud-based streaming service that allows players to stream and download content.

    PS5 was introduced in numerous major global regions, including the United States and Europe, in November 2020. However, PS Now did not receive compatibility for PS5 games. This is hardly surprising given the scarcity of components used in the new console’s production.

    However, the new patent for ultra-high-speed, low-latency network storage shows that work is being done to enable Internet gaming. PS5 games are distributed through PS Now. The document expressly mentions the use of multiple NVME units networked together to stream games, which is the type of storage device used in the PS5.It is vital to remember that PS4 games may be downloaded and played in “offline” mode, and that future PS5 titles will be able to do the same.

    A Sony hasn’t said anything about bringing PS5 titles on PS Now yet, but it appears to be a solid approach for the future. Although the patent was only recently published, Sony registered it in April, indicating that this has been ongoing for some time.