Sony says it will strengthen PlayStation before the gaming industry “completes consolidate”

    Sony Corporation of America (a division of Sony Corp.) discussed its plans for the entertainment sector, specifically movies and television series, during a recent financial conference call.

    However, there was enough in the speech for a brief mention of commercial interests in the gaming sector. It was up to Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) CEO Tony Vinciquerra to reveal the company’s future actions, which will also involve its video gaming titles.

    To begin, it has been announced that Sony Pictures is working on 10 projects in collaboration with the PlayStation division, one of which being the Uncharted film. Other series, such as The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima, have also joined the TV program market, and it appears that the business is especially eager to move in that direction.

    Later, Vinciquerra discussed an internal redistribution that Sony expects to take place in the future years. The plan is based on Sony Pictures’ belief that internal film production studios would be reduced, therefore boosting the games division, which is now experiencing the most consolidation.

    “There are definitely still a lot of free movie studios, and we may see two or three less in the next five to ten years.” I believe the next studio consolidation will occur in the game industry.

    What new developer acquisitions are on the way to PlayStation Studios? Sony’s most recent acquisition was Firesprite, the team behind Playroom and Persistance. Hermen Hulst stated that the company’s upcoming purchases will be selected and measured.

    Regarding the gaming industry’s consolidation, surprisingly, the gaming business is approaching the size of the film and music industries, which are now dominated by a small number of titans and tiny studios attempting to remain independent.

    From 2018 to the present, we’ve seen Microsoft, Sony, Tencent, Electronic Arts, Focus Home, Embracer Group, Activision Blizzard, and Take Two Interactive acquire dozens of studios, in addition to the acquisitions of entire publishers such as ZeniMax Media, Le-You Technologies, Codemasters, Deep Silver, Saber Interactive, Gearbox Software, and so on.

    According to video game industry analysts, by 2026, there will be less than 170 independent studios in North America and Europe (compared to roughly 300 now), implying that studio and publisher acquisitions will be even more aggressive in the coming months.