Sony wants to bring more realistic injuries to games

    As we saw in The Last of Us Part II, Sony is increasingly attempting to provide cinematic experiences to its customers, and delivering realistic violence is a crucial part of that objective.

    As video games get more realistic, the violence shown in them must match that level of realism in order for gamers to feel fully immersed.

    Thanks to a patent filed by the company that focuses on the mechanics of injuries in games, it appears that Sony has plans to take the violence in its games to an even higher level of realism.

    Sony’s patent shows a more advanced wound system, as shown in the image below, in which the injured area of the character begins to act differently.

    Sony wants to bring more realistic injuries to games | Gamingnovato
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    In addition to altering the player’s movements, the injured part would have a different weight and reach. Depending on the wound, the character’s face would likewise change expressions.

    When you utilize an injured limb, it puts strain on that limb, which can result in you tripping or dropping the weapon in your hands while trying to use it.

    While we’ve seen systems where injuries affect players before, according to the patent, Sony intends to take it a step further by simulating injuries more realistically and hurting the character based on the afflicted part.

    This is a promising concept, and it will be interesting to see how Sony implements it in their games.