Playstation News - 9 de September, 2021

Spider-Man, like the first raid, comes in Avengers in the autumn

Crystal Dynamics has officially announced that Spider-Man, along with the initial raid, will be included in Marvel’s Avengers in the autumn.

The firm stated in the most recent content schedule update that Marvel’sAvengers would have recurring events, double XP weekends, and much more even in 2021.

Another significant part of the game, now in its second year, will begin in the autumn.

The maximum level increase, a new opponent type, a raid with Klaw as the main antagonist, and Spider-Man, a character accessible only on PlayStation platforms.

Along with MCU-themed outfits, Marvel’s Avengers will gain mechanic improvements such as gear upgrades and resource collection in 2021, as well as challenges inspired by the Disney+ Hawkeye series. 

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