Splitgate has lost 70% of its player base on Steam

    Splitgate sparked a fever following its July publication, however it appears that the fervor has subsided. According to the Steam Charts website, the game has lost more than 70% of its Steam player base.

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    A strange truth is that during the early access period in July, the game servers were unable to accommodate the high amount of players. What reasons for such a sudden success?

    Looking back in time, it is possible to find a remarkable coincidence. Splitgate was published in “beta” form on Steam and Consoles in July, the same month Halo Infinite’s first Closed Beta took place. Splitgate was launched on July 27th, and Halo Infinite’s CBT took place three days later, on July 30th. Is Splitgate riding the Halo franchise’s wave of popularity? According to the game’s official website, Splitgate is the “Halo who discovered Portal.”

    Splitgate has lost 70% of its player base on Steam | Gamingnovato

    Splitgate has lost almost 50,000 gamers in the last 30 days after reaching 67,000 simultaneous players in August. Currently, the game maintains an average of 10,000 active players on Valve’s platform. Splitgate is also available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, along with features like cross-play and mouse and keyboard compatibility for consoles.

    Last Tuesday, September 14th, the game’s official Twitter posted a message stating that the developer (1047 Games) was able to raise nearly $100 million in funding, which will be used to create new content, fix bugs, hire employees, launch the game on new platforms, improve server infrastructure, and maintain studio independence.