Steam players are complaining about poor optimization for Deathloop on PC

    Deathloop is Arkane Studios’ newest game, which was officially published today for PC and PS5. However, the PC version has not been warmly welcomed by fans. The main reason for this is the title’s poor optimization on PC. You may check out most recent post here if you want to learn more about it.

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    Many of the Deathloop Steam bad reviews are from users who are unhappy with the game’s optimization. Players with powerful computers, such as a 3080, are complaining about a variety of performance issues, while others are demanding for Denuvo to be uninstalled, claiming that it causes crashes every second while playing.

    Because the game was only launched a few hours ago, we don’t have many reviews yet, but the ones that have been published aren’t very encouraging, and if this trend continues, we can expect the game to be negatively butchered by its players. Steam.

    Deathloop is already available on PC and on PlayStation 5.