Steam players are not happy with the version of Crysis Remastered

    After being restricted to the Epic Games Store for over a year, Crysis Remastered was finally released on Steam last week, and those interested may reserve a copy.

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    Crysis Remastered is currently available at a significant discount on Steam, with a -20% or -%50 discount if you have the original version of Crysis in your Steam library. Even with such a big price tag, players are unhappy with the introduction of Crytek’s well-known FPS on Valve’s platform.

    Many gamers have reported that the game has a variety of performance issues, that the differences between the Remastered and Original versions are minor, and that even individuals with powerful machines are unable to play well.

    Another disadvantage is that many people claim the artificial intelligence of the opponents is worse than in the original game. Remember that Crysis Remastered was based on the 2011 console versions (PS3 and Xbox 360), not the native PC version.

    Crysis provides FPS enthusiasts with the most beautiful visuals ever seen, as well as extremely immersive action that requires the player to use adaptive tactics and complete weapon and armor customization to survive in dynamic and hostile situations.

    On an island in the South China Sea, a group of US scientists discovers a terrible discovery. When the North Korean authorities swiftly barricade the entire region, all contact with the squad is lost. The US reacts by dispatching an elite squad of Delta Force special soldiers to assess the situation.

    As tensions between the two countries rise, a massive extraterrestrial spaceship arrives in the midst of the island. The spacecraft creates a massive sphere of force, paralyzing a big section of the island and significantly altering the planet’s climatic system.

    Crysis was launched for the first time in 2007.