Game News - 12 de September, 2021

Sumo Digital is working on a New Games-as-a-Service IP

Sumo Digital, one of the largest gaming companies in the UK, has begun development on a new project. Recently, the company published Sackboy: The Big Adventure for PS4 and PS5.

The news comes from a job posting from one of Sumo Digital’s 7 studios, which is searching for a Game Designer to help with the gameplay design of a “new AAA Shooter experience,” which is characterized as an entirely new IP that is still in the early phases of production.

The formal presentation appears to be a long way off, but the ad description may have also revealed some vital information. The desired individual must, among other things, have expertise building online PvP shooting games.

Furthermore, it will be requested to participate in the creation and balancing of weapons and skills that “will be part of the launch line-up,” which shows that this game is a Games-as-a-Service, or a well-known game that is updated and gets material after it is published.

Source: Gamerant

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