Take-Two Interactive ends its last conference call without reporting any future advances

    Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. finished up its latest conference call with investors and shareholders in the last few hours, discussing its results in gross sales and net income in the firm’s current fiscal Q3 2022 for the company that owns 2K, Private Division, and Rockstar Games.

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    According to VideoTech, the shareholder conference was rather cold and shallow, with Take-Two not wanting to disclose too many of its most important numbers, especially after media and gamer neglect of the second remastering of Grand Theft Auto V, nicknamed “GTA Enhanced and Expanded,” which was originally scheduled for November 11, 2021 and pushed back to March 2022.

    Because Take-Two’s status has been low since 2018, people are questioning the company’s future, especially now that GTA 6 is expected to be unveiled. However, the company’s most recent data, which showed a $100 million decline and stock losses, suggested otherwise.

    Take-Two, on the other hand, is prepared to keep trying. The company has stated that thanks to the new NBA 2K22, it will conclude 2021 with record sales, and the 2K side of the force is expecting to boost Take-Two’s statistics by launching two huge titles early next year, Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

    Strauss Zelnick, the company’s CEO since 2006, when it nearly went bankrupt and was purchased in an aggressive takeover transaction by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2008, will likewise stay in office until FY 2023. Zelnick was a significant role in Take-Two Interactive’s reorganization, being one of the architects of the Season Pass gaming concept, which debuted with LA Noire in 2011.

    Last but not least, VideoTech reports that speculations of Microsoft acquiring Take-Two are untrue. Ben and his team have been in contact with Take-Two shareholders for years, and they all say they haven’t received any information on corporate matters regarding the sale of the giant publisher’s assets to Xbox or any other conglomerate that might buy them (there was also talk of Tencent acquiring 20% of Take-Two a few months ago).

    We hope that the company will be able to recover quickly from these periods of financial weakness, which began in 2019 following the global failure of Red Dead Online, which resulted in a change in general plans at the publisher, including a change in the Rockstar Games release roadmap, which now works on a team structure in its games, in order to satisfy shareholders in recent years.