Tales of Arise has sold over 1 million copies worldwide

    Tales of Arise is the latest episode in the JRPG Tales series, which began with Tales of Phantasia for the SNES in 1995. The game has earned much acclaim for being a pleasant surprise for gamers.

    The title manages to retain the core of the tale intact, but with a fair quantity of news, and considering that the Tales series games have no relationship with each other, it is a very nice game to get to know the brand. Tales of Arise is performing well not only in terms of reviews, but also in terms of sales, having now sold one million copies globally.

    Tales of Arise has just been on the market for 6 days, thus in addition to being a good figure for a game of its sort, it places the title as the title that sold the fastest in the series’ history, as reported by the game’s official Twitter below. The series has also sold over 25 million copies. Scarlet Nexus, another blockbuster from Bandai, was also launched this year.

    Tales of Arise is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.