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The author of the most recent Tomb Raider games criticizes Rockstar Games for having only male protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V

Known as a successful game director for numerous hit titles, including the recently released Tomb Raider reboot trilogy, Rihanna Pratchett shared her personal thoughts on the controversial Grand Theft Auto V video game from Rockstar Games, focusing in particular on the decision of the game’s English-language release to tell the story of the world and its characters through the eyes of three male characters.

According to Rihanna Pratchett, the daughter of author Terry Pratchett, who spoke exclusively to Wired about the game, the Rockstar North production was a disappointment to her, since she discovered that all three of the game’s protagonists, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, were male.

There’s little doubt that the author would enjoy the inclusion of a feminine touch in the trio formed by the game’s development team. Pratchett addressed the issue, stating that she was interested in seeing how writers who “tend to make worlds of games that are hyper-masculin” would react if they were had to create something using a material that was more appropriate for women.

To summarize: The autor wishes for a mutual understanding and exchange between the genders most prevalent in the world of videogames, stating that “masculinity is not just a male domain, and femininity is not solely a female domain.”

As an example, Pratchett cited the television series Orange is the New Black, which has succeeded in placing female protagonists in a prison setting that has traditionally been dominated by male characters.

Later on, the autor was quoted on Twitter discussing the criticism she had received for her interview, citing examples such as:

“I expressed a little dissatisfaction with GTA V’s lack of a female protagonist (a missed opportunity), and now I have to pay for it. “Another week being a women in the videogames world” I also had messages from trolls that they were overlooked since the protagonists of Mirror’s Edge (Faith Connors) or Tomb Raider (Lara Croft) were not males. It’s not as bad as you think. “It’s the next…”

“When we have an action and adventure game that involves the shifting of perspectives between three female characters in a franchise that has been consistently led by women (and it could be quite interesting if it isn’t for the first time), then you have my permission to be disappointed by the lack of any man.”

According to what’s already been said by people like VGChartz and Bloomberg, including Jason Schreier and Tom Henderson, the next GTA game, Grand Theft Auto VI, will have at least one woman as the main character, which Rockstar is aiming to correct, by giving more emphasis on diversity.

Based on Schreier’s findings, this comes quite a while after his report on the structure of Rockstar Games, which was issued a few weeks before the release of Red Dead Redemption II. The company was attacked for the entirety of the internet for almost nine months, and when it resurfaced in 2019, it revealed a variety of management changes, including the scrapping of Crunch Time and the naming of two women to lead Rockstar Toronto and Rockstar San Diego.

You, what do you think about Rihanna Pratchett’s view?

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