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Xbox News - PC Gaming News - Playstation News - 9 de September, 2021

The canceled Spider-Man 4 game’s gameplay has been published on YouTube




We’ve had numerous games based on the beloved webhead throughout the years, some built from scratch with the character, others intended to be published alongside the movies of the moment, like in the case of Spider-Man 4, a game that was cancelled.

Several hours ago, lengthy gameplay of a rumored Spider-Man 4 game. The game would be fully based on the film of the same name, which was also shelved, and would be published on May 6, 2011, but the development ran into issues, and we ended up with The Amazing Spider Man 2012.

Radical Entertainment began developing Spider-Man 4 in 2008, with the game being published on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and with a Wii version created by Eurocom and a 3DS version made by Vicarious Visions. According to Radical Entertainment, the game was only 15% finished when it was canceled.

We can see some issues with the Spider’s animation in the video, but the game is still playable, if unstable. The npcs are almost all the same, the city is large, and the Spider can traverse across it quickly with its webs. There are also several operations against a helicopter in the movie.

Radical Entertainment was chosen by Activision to work on Spider-Man 4 because the company had previously recreated New York in great detail in the game Prototype. After Spider-Man 4 was officially canceled, Radical Entertainment opted to reuse some of the assets in Prototype 2, which explains why the two games are so similar. 

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