Xbox News - 18 de August, 2021

The dashboard of the Xbox Series X will be receiving a better resolution.

Today, Microsoft is testing a new, higher resolution interface for the Xbox X. As part of their mission to always deliver the best experience to gamers across the world, a new resolution for the Xbox Dashboard is being made available today for Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead ring members.

To enhance the sharpness and text legibility, Microsoft’s Xbox testing team claims that the “Home, Guide, and other parts of the UI will be presented in a higher native resolution.”

Until now, Xbox X consoles had been running a 1080p dashboard UI. An improvement to how the Xbox X looks on 4K TVs will be made with natural components applied to Home, Guide, and other areas of the dashboard. Microsoft claims that some sections would have a “higher native resolution,” but it is not yet known if the entire dashboard is in 4K.

Text readability has seen an increase, and so has some of the UI components in the Xbox Series X Guide. I didn’t observe the changes elsewhere, but I think they’re present. 

The use of HDR (high dynamic range) has not been implemented for this new resolution boost, and it is confined to the Xbox One X for now. Though technically the Xbox S Series can output at 4K, it remains to be seen if this will be the case with the test versions now being developed.

A week after Microsoft began testing a new night mode for several Xbox systems, these new Xbox dashboard modifications have arrived. Xbox One X customers can now change the display’s screen brightness, the controller’s LED brightness, and even the power button from the new “Night Mode.” Starting this year, both the 4K dashboard and night mode will be made available to all Xbox Series X consoles.

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