The developer reveals that Kratos’ axe becomes “greater” when he is in his hands

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    New game-related mysteries can always be discovered, things that most players aren’t aware of until someone who was involved in the game’s development publicly reveals them, as happened with the massive God of War game recently.

    Robert Morrison, who was a member of the God of War development team, recently revealed something very interesting about the machado leviathan of Kratos, in which, when it is in Kratos’s hands, it appears to be “greater” and when it is at his feet, it appears to be “smaller.” This, it appears, is done to make the leviathan appear more visually appealing.

    To be more specific, when Kratos has his hands on a leviathan, the beast grows in size by 20 percentage points. Robert Morrison believes the same thing is happening with the Blades of Chaos, but he isn’t sure because he hasn’t done any work with the group yet.

    “Fun Fact of a Dev. Kratos’ ax is a different size when it’s in your hands than when it’s on your back.”

    More specifically, Robert Morrison reveals that one of the reasons for the axe size change is to have a better visual, whether it’s due to the camera’s position or even the set itself, which would aid in making the the scene looking even better.