Game News - 27 de August, 2021

The developers of DokeV have confirmed co-op and competitive multiplayer

Since the past night’s unveiling at Gamescom Opening Night, DokeV, Pearl Abyss’ freshly revealed title, has taken the internet by storm. DokeV was originally intended to be an MMO, but the company stated that the game has evolved into an open-world action-adventure.

While this is a significant shift, Pearl Abyss stated in a recent interview with that DokeV will retain online play.

When asked about the genre transition, Pearl Abyss creator Daeil Kim indicated that the studio’s aims for the game would be better served by an open-world action-adventure than rather than an MMO.

“We considered the game’s direction and determined that our objectives would be best served by open-world action/adventure gameplay. Thus, the game now takes place in an open world that supports a variety of play styles “‘He stated.

Daeil Kim stated that DokeV will maintain online play, co-op, and competitive multiplayer. Solo players will find enough to do in the main campaign, but co-op features are also included. Essentially, gamers will be able to complete major missions solo or in co-op. “If the player so desires, he may face off against a boss alongside other players,” Daeil Kim stated.

Additionally, fans who enjoy PvP will be pleased to learn that the game will have competitive online content. Pearl Abyss, on the other hand, wishes to explore concepts for friendly tournaments that promote fair play and good sportsmanship, rather than toxicity. They stated that further information on PvP would be provided at a later date.

Notably, the team sees promise in social elements such as concerts, film screenings, and other forms of entertainment. Sangyoung Kim, director of animation, claimed that the developers can incorporate genuine experiences into the game due to their in-house technology. Sangyoung Kim remarked, “We also perceive a metaverse perspective.”

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