The Elder Scrolls Online Update 32 is aimed towards combat and power creep

    ZeniMax Online Studios is already planning Elder Scrolls Online Update 32, which will include significant combat adjustments to the game, notably improved proc set balancing and hybridization.

    “In Update 30, we added item proc set scaling, which aimed to reduce the ease of access to ‘free’ damage and healing from them by requiring a base line of stats to make the set truly stand out,” the studio writes in a forum post. “While this substantially reduced the overpowering success of tanky builds employing damage-oriented sets, it also boosted the amount of damage that glass cannon and other offensive-oriented builds performed by a reasonable margin.” This issue has prompted the studio to develop a “new rule set for offensive item setups with low counterplay.”

    “We’re also attempting to limit some of the power bloat that’s been creeping into the game recently, particularly in PvE. The dominance of critical hits in ESO is by no means new, and despite the drop in total sources, it continues to win out by a substantial margin when compared to other numbers. Rather of simply nerfing Critical Chance or Potency (Damage and Healing) and negatively impacting builds that aren’t accomplishing more than we expect, we’ve opted to implement a hard cap on Critical Damage and Healing. We hope that this not only preserves Critical Chance and Potency as viable and powerful numbers, but also opens up new stat and build possibilities. These, like the Penetration numbers, will be necessary to prioritize until a certain point, beyond which builders will want to seek out other sources of power.”

    The blog also discusses scaling adjustments to proc sets to allow them to crit, as well as the goal to provide “hybrid” stats to all item sets.

    “This means that sets that provide Weapon Damage will now grant Weapon and Spell Damage, Spell Penetration will be Physical and Spell Penetration, and Spell Critical will be Weapon and Spell Critical,” notes the studio. “We believe that by making this change, we will be able to open up builds to new abilities and concepts, make the game more digestible and accessible to beginner players, and empower you with options when designing your ideal build.” Min-maxers will undoubtedly want to read the entire essay. Source: Official site

    Source: Official Website