Technology News - 26 de August, 2021

The finest music bot Groovy on Discord has been destroyed by Google

The developer of Groovy has agreed to shut down the popular music bot on August 30th.

Groovy operated by collecting audio from YouTube videos, joining voice conversations, and playing music queued up by users.

It was deployed on over 16 million servers, according to reports. However, a Google spokesman told The Verge that Groovy had broken YouTube’s terms of service by “changing the service and exploiting it for commercial reasons.”

In the same study, Groovy creator Nik Ammerlaan admitted that this was probably a long time coming. Groovy completely bypasses YouTube’s front-end and ads.

“I’m not sure why they sent it now,” Ammerlaan said. “To be honest, they probably just didn’t know.” It was only a question of time.”

Groovy’s demise serves as a harsh reminder that Discord isn’t a secretive chat app. With a market cap of over $10 billion, it’s the world’s most valuable messaging app, having long abandoned its gaming roots. People take notice when a bot is popular for ripping music into a huge platform.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for using Groovy,” Ammerlaan said on the official Groovy site. You all helped shape it into what it is now. Have a great day and remember to stay groovy.”

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