The first Battlefield Mobile details and images have leaked

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    In recent months, Electronic Arts has revealed the launch of Battlefield Mobile, a videogame that seeks to bring the DICE franchise to mobile phones and is overseen by Industrial Toys (a studio founded by Halo co-creator Alex Seropian) and EA Gothenburg (formerly known as Ghost Games, the authors of the latest NFS games).

    The game is set to be launched in 2022, and no other information about the project has been given. Technically, images of Battlefield Mobile were never published, but it appears that certain pictures have already surfaced, spreading via social media platforms like Twitter, where it is already allowed. discover some information not only about the technical aspects of the title, but also about the content.

    To begin with, Battlefield Mobile promises large-scale engagements with a high degree of destructibility of the surrounding settings, as is customary in the series’ major titles. There will be a large armament and a variety of distinct playable classes, as well as heroes that will be exclusive to this edition.

    Technically, the work is promising, with a highly accurate depiction of scenes and details that makes the most of the potential afforded by mobile devices, as well as well-finished models of weapons and people.

    Battlefield Mobile will be available for Android and iOS in 2022.