The Halo Infinite release date has been leaked from the Microsoft Store

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    The release of Halo Infinite is very long anticipated. Over the past decade we’ve seen some more contemporary Halo releases, but this one simply seems different.

    The next-gen release will likely establish a benchmark for online multiplayer next-generation games, again taking on FPS dominance like the Call of Duty and Battlefield. The narrative, free multiplayer and alleged royal style fighting are all designed to create the ultimate Halo experience – but the game must come out first, right?

    There is still a release date for Halo Infinite, with a placeholder ‘Holiday 2021’ barely covering the gap. But our limbo period may end, according to a fresh leak from Microsoft themselves.

    According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, the Microsoft Store now shows a new release date for Halo Infinite. The listing now says the game will be released on December 8, 2021, just in time for Christmas.

    The same newspaper verified that a placeholder date has remained on the Halo Infinite shop listing since August 26 2020, and that the listing had just updated a few hours ago from the time of writing.

    The odds are good that we’ll receive an official announcement in the next week or two, according to the Microsoft Store leak. While the entire game hasn’t been delayed yet due to the hard effort put into campaign co-op and Forge mode, the idea that certain sections aren’t ready has some fans worried.

    It makes sense for 343 Industries and Microsoft to reveal the Halo Infinite release date now. In any case, knowing when we can really get our hands on Halo Infinite has increased our enthusiasm for the game.