The Last of Us 2’s multiplayer mode may include Battle Royale.

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    One of the most popular game modes today, the potential of its inclusion in the wonderful The Last of Us 2 was discovered by YouTuber Speclizer after he studied the treasure mined from the game’s code.

    Winner of numerous Game of the Year 2020 awards in a variety of specialized vehicles (and also in my honest view), The Last of Us 2 still lacks multiplayer. As much as it is appreciated for its history, the original game in the series had some popularity with its three multiplayer modes, two of which were deathmatches and one of which was more like to a pike-flag/flag-grabber, but in which a team had to take the opponent’s lockbox.

    In the video below, Speclizer demonstrates a big map buried in The Last of Us 2’s files that appears to be a mashup of maps utilized in the single-player. Size is one of the (many) evidences (which I dispute). The map is divided into three sections: the port of Seattle, where Ellie goes in search of Abby at the aquarium, the abandoned hotel where Ellie learns how to use the rifle, and a petrol station.

    Numerous objects were discovered in the game’s code, such as a collar, which might indicate that a hypothetical multiplayer mode would include dogs and an emoticon carousel (I’m from that period). Additionally, files indicating backpacks and jackets were discovered. For those who have played any battle royale game, this is another indication that this mode will be included in TLOU2 in the future. Another piece of information not discovered in the archives but well recognized is that battle royale is extremely lucrative.