The Multiplatform Hack-and-Slash UNDECEMBER by LINE Games Unveils a New Gameplay Trailer

    LINE Games Corporation has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming multiplatform hack-and-slash RPG, UNDECEMBER, created by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games.

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    The new teaser provides an in-depth look at the game’s unique elements. Players may not only view footage of several skill sets, but also get a look at the game’s system, which includes the Enchant and Zodiac menus for boosting objects and character stats, respectively.

    The new teaser also shows off the game’s multiplayer content, which includes ‘Chaos Dungeon,’ ‘Spire of Barrier,’ ‘Crusade of Glory,’ ‘Raid,’ and ‘Guild Battleground.’ UNDECEMBER, a mobile and PC multiplatform Hack-and-Slash RPG, will feature an in-depth story campaign as well as a diverse range of multiplayer features to keep players involved.

    Meanwhile, UNDECEMBER will host a ‘UN-Boxing Test’ in the South Korean region from October 13th to October 19th. The test will only be available in Korean. To improve UNDECEMBER, the development team will collect and analyze test play results as well as player comments.

    Visit the Official Website of UNDECEMBER for more details.