The Razer keyboard accessories sets are the best way to improve your keyboard, in my opinion.

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    To be able to personalize one’s keyboard, Razer is launching three new keyboard accessory sets today: the Razer Phantom Key Set, the Razer PBT Key Set + Spiral Cable, and the Ergonomic Wrist Rests for TKL and Mango keyboards. Prior to the launch of Razer keyboard accessory sets, these sets were exclusively used by serious keyboard enthusiasts.

    The Razer Phantom Key Set combines a distinctive, pudding-shaped design with a discrete, pudding-themed design to give it a striking yet understated appeal. Clear side walls in the pudding shape, as well as laser engraving on the interior, produce a brighter, clearer RGB lighting effect on any keyboard, making the key lettering more robust and resistant to damage. When the Chroma RGB illumination is turned off, the buttons seem discrete and devoid of description, giving a minimalist appearance.. This Razer Phantom Keyset is available in two-piece key sets: black or white. It is compatible with all Razer Mini, Tenkeyless, and full-size mechanical/optical keyboards with the regular bottom line in US and UK layouts.
    The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Phantom version is also now available.
    Please visit for further information about the Razer Phantom Keyset.

    This dual layer PBT key set + USB-C to USB-A spiral cable provides the ultimate in durability for dual layer PBT keys, and the braided USB-C to USB-A spiral cable has a refined and stylish aesthetic for extra durability. Four colors of the PBT Keyset + Spiral Handle are available: Razer Green, Classic Black, Mercury White, and Rose Quartz. This kit is compatible with full-size mechanical and optical keyboards, as well as 60% Tenkeyless mechanical and optical keyboards, and provides US and UK standard-bottom row key sizes.
    PBT Keyset + Coiled Cable for more details, go to
    Comfort is brought to all Mini or Tenkeyless keyboards with the new Ergonomic Wrist Rests, which use memory foam and an unique tilt mechanism for optimal wrist support. Support and cushioning provide less strain on the wrist even in lengthy playing sessions, while non-slip rubber bottoms assist avoid undesired slips.
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