The top 10 most exciting new Games at Gamescom 2021

    I’ve compiled them all here for your convenience. Please keep in mind that, as much as I would like to discuss “DokeV,” “Sifu,” and “Outlast Trials,” they were all revealed well before of Gamescom 2021. Therefore, here are all of the event’s new game announcements.

    Marvel’s Midnight Suns

    We received the “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” announcement. Now, if you follow gaming news regularly, you may recall that this game was initially leaked prior to E3, but did not receive an E3 announcement. Finally, here at Gamescom 2021, we have a great cinematic video with a slew of Marvel heroes and a slight emphasis on the darker side, which is not something you see every day.

    Yes, you have Wolverine and Captain America, and you have some amazing stuff going on with Ghost Rider and explosions, but the main point here is who is creating it. It’s a collaboration between 2K and Firaxis, which translates into something like a Marvel take on “XCOM.”

    That is the title given to this game in earlier leaks, and we’re interested in learning more about it now that it has been disclosed. And, if we are to believe what we are told, the possibilities are limitless. While the notion may not appear to make sense at first glance, I feel they can accomplish a great deal with it, especially given that I’ve been convinced that every game can be translated into XCOM-style gameplay. Consider the “Mario + Rabbids” combination, for example.

    There is no gameplay available at this time. We only know that it will be available in March 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, and all Xboxes.

    Into the Pit

    Apart from the very awesome name, this is a fast-paced, retro-style first-person shooter roguelite. And while we’ve seen a slew of classic first-person shooters recently, from “DUSK” to the recently resurrected original “Quake” titles, this appears to be something totally different.

    This appears to be an insane situation. Every aspect of the screen is excessive. There is a great deal of activity. There’s a wonderful twist to things, where you’re more likely to use your hands and magic than physical weapons. And, while I enjoy hitting stuff with guns, employing some amazing magic to eliminate bad guys is a great change of pace.

    “Into the Pit” is currently scheduled for release on October 19th, 2021 for PC/Xbox.

    Park Beyond

    This is a Bandai Namco-published park-creation game with a great atmosphere. We’ve seen a variety of park construction games over the years, from “Rollercoaster Tycoon” to “Planet Coaster” and a few more, but this one appears to be going for over-the-top cartoony, fanciful rides that make no sense.

    That, my friends, is really cool. The options are virtually limitless. Even just from the trailer’s peeks at the rides, it looks like a lot of fun to build some of these things, especially if they incorporate some physics. The game comes from the same guys that brought you “Tropico,” so you know it’s going to have that great, creative vibe with a splash of comedy.

    We’re anticipating its arrival. Although it is not scheduled for release until 2022, it will be available on the PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox One X and S.

    Death Cathedral

    It’s a side-scrolling RPG with some very fantastic, nasty fighting and some quite precise and well-timed movements. They’re attempting to recreate realistic swordfighting and parrying, but you’re also a decomposing corpse. The gameplay is actually based on something called the Decay System, in which you are essentially flesh and bone held together by magic.

    As you progress through the game, you will deteriorate, forcing you to adjust your strategies accordingly, while also balancing between a variety of different playable characters.

    When I first saw this game’s gameplay, I thought, “Ah, alright, what’s the issue with this game?” However, after I delved more into the game’s mechanics, I became much more intrigued. It currently lacks a release date, although it is expected to arrive on PC and perhaps consoles.

    Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation

    Without a nice expansion, this would not be a “Wasteland” game. This is the second episode of “Wasteland 3,” the second main episode, and this one will conclude the tale. Additionally, a new region has been established.

    You may now enter this mountain compound, which is entirely devoted to a religion worshiping a suspended nuclear detonation. According to the creators, it’s loaded with new characters and content, and it appears as if there will be a decent bit to go through. Fortunately, the expansion is rather cheaply priced at around $7.

    And, of course, it will be available anywhere “Wasteland 3” is already available, which includes PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

    Cult of the Lamb

    A unique game that took a lot of people by surprise. If you’re a fan of Devolver Digital’s games, this is unmistakably a Devolver-esque title.

    This is a game in which you play as animals and are tasked with growing your own cult, teaching them, and traveling around randomly generated regions, battling opponents and completing quests in order to develop your cult and take over the planet. And although it may sound fairly straightforward, it’s actually the music, the atmosphere, the animations, the character designs, and everything else that sells it and makes it appear so fascinating and attractive, in a strange, disturbing sort of way. However, we are completely immersed in it.

    As of now, all we know is that it will be available on PC and certain platforms in 2022.

    Dream Cycle

    A first-person adventure game with an emphasis on horror and exploration that is being developed by some of the same individuals who worked on the original “Tomb Raider.”

    For us, this game came out of nowhere, and the reveal video was really quick, but we saw a lot of turmoil, some devastation, some open sections with big creatures, first-person shooting with amazing weaponry, and more tight, tiny passageways with odd, spooky things going on.

    This concludes the discussion. It was everything in quick succession. I believe it is risky to predict further, as this game may still be some time away at the moment. There is no release date or platform information at this time, but keep an eye out for “Dream Cycle.” It may be interesting.

    Stray Blade

    This was unveiled at the Xbox event, just before Gamescom 2021 officially started, and it seems like a really good, basic action-RPG with an interesting graphic style, some extremely aggressive and tough fighting, and a lot of other action-RPG influences.

    However, the more it is described, the more it appears to be experimenting with a handful of really fascinating ideas. To begin with, you have a buddy, a little creature who levels independently of you. While you are theoretically an adventurer with a conventional RPG skill tree, your companion will level up and advance in unique ways centered on lore and handicraft.

    The devs are stressing how the world changes in response to your activities, and given that you’re a sword guy who kills things, it’s really about killing opponents and then dying and returning to those locations to see what’s changed, since time never stops in this game, even when you die. And while many games have struggled with this issue in the past, we’re eager to see how precisely it’s done here, as they appear to be rather enthusiastic about it.

    Personally, based on what we’ve seen thus far, I adore the art style of it. Combat appears to be rather violent, and based on some of the skill trees and treasure items, it appears as though there is considerable room for customization. We don’t yet have a firm release date, but “Stray Blade” is scheduled to arrive on Xbox One and PC in 2022.


    This is a brand-new football simulation game that appears to be entirely focused on talent and worldwide online competition, and is essentially aiming for “FIFA.” Some people are sick of “FIFA” and some of the things those games have accomplished, and they’re looking for something new, and “UFL” is attempting to fill that vacuum.

    That’s rather difficult, considering they’re competing against “FIFA.” It’s comparable to attempting to create a new football game in opposition to Madden, but we’re rather excited about seeing someone attempt it. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the game will be built using the Unreal Engine and will be available for free.

    According to them, you’ll be able to construct your own football clubs comprised of more than 5,000 licensed footballers and battle against other gamers from across the world to prove their mettle and climb to the league’s top.

    It is still early in the morning. Apart from an announcement and small clips of gameplay, we haven’t seen much of the game yet. Although no release date or platform have been announced, football enthusiasts appear to have plenty to look forward to here. Certainly, there is some promise.

    Saints Row Reboot

    For years, this has been leaked and reported, but finally an official announcement of a new “Saints Row” game has been made. According to the creators, they went insane near the end and had to sort of pull it back to reality.

    Things have returned to normal, and early previews of this game have revealed more than just the dramatic trailer and small gameplay snippets. Thus, it appears as though you may still design your own character. It’s about establishing a criminal empire, this time in a more Southwestern-style setting.

    The gameplay and tone will be more akin to “Saint’s Row 2” and “3,” a little less outrageous but still very much embracing the fun aspect, as seen by the small gameplay clips we received: insane driving, shooting dudes with your buddies, jumping off leaps, explosions, heists, and all that.

    Additionally, the creators stated that we would not see any fan favorites such as Johnny Gat or anything like. This is a brand-new journey. We’re going to receive several Easter eggs, as well as some fan-favorite game types.

    I believe the “Saints Row” franchise was in desperate need of a revamp. This may be beneficial. However, it is still early. We have not seen much. As a result, I’m still withholding judgment. However, the game lauch is imminent. It’s scheduled to release in February 2022, so we’re likely to see more of it soon, and it’ll be available on PC and all major platforms.


    That concludes our list of our top Gamescom announcements. As I previously stated, these are the Gamescom announcements that got us excited, but there were plenty of other things shown off, such as some “Halo” cinematic trailers and newer looks at previously announced games, so with this list and everything else from Gamescom, we’d like to hear from you guys in the comments about what you’ve been enjoying the most. Let us know what games you’re anticipating.