The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is now available on Netflix

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    The animated origin story of Vesemir (who, curiously, is placed in a bathtub like his beloved Geralt) is now available on Netflix. It is a prequel in the form of an animated film for the TV series The Witcher (also available on Netflix), produced by the same studio that produced The Legend of Korra.

    However, it is not an adaptation of any of Andrzej Sapkowsi’s books. Regardless, the inspiration came from many of the short stories and anecdotes recounted in these books. It’s a Netflix original story about a character we know and love from the games, one who will appear in the upcoming season of The Witcher.

    You may recognize him as the elderly Kaer Morhen grumpy who appeared at the start of the first and third The Witcher films by CD Projekt RED, but in this clip he is younger, wiser, more athletic, and, most of all, he is in a bathroom (jokes aside). You may see the movie right now on Netflix, depending on your subscription package.