Xbox News - 6 de September, 2021

The Yakuza series may leave Japan

For years, SEGA’s Yakuza series remained obscure, but in recent years, it has transitioned from a cult series to an Xbox headliner, and the corporation recognizes that it has now caught the attention of players all over the world.

Ryu Ga Gotoku is looking at the idea of taking its dramatic action outside of Japanese cities in order to keep the series interesting.

In an interview with TheGamer, Kazuki Hosokawa, director of Lost Judgment and a veteran of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, stated that the team is aware that a large part of Yakuza’s success is due to its setting, the authenticity with which it captures local cultural elements, and its dramatic charge.

The team wants to keep the basic principles of the Yakuza series while refreshing the experience by transporting the protagonists to new nations where they will explore new areas and confront new challenges.

The Yakuza series began by attempting to diversify its locales by relocating the action to different Japanese cities in the second game, which greatly aided games like Yakuza 6 in developing their personalities, but the studio is now talking about going to another nation.

You’re intrigued by the prospect of playing a Yakuza whose plot takes place outside of Japan.

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