Game News - 29 de August, 2021

These filipino students constructed an accurate Minecraft replica of their University

Without a question, the pandemic has ushered in an entirely new way of life for those forced to remain at home. These new standards push the boundaries of inventiveness in order to adapt to the present environment. Students in college are no different.

Due to the prevalence of online education, many students have been unable to set foot inside their institutions for more than a year. The simple pleasures of greeting one another in the corridors or waiting in line in front of a cafeteria food stall appear to have faded into the distant past.

That is why the Campus of Asia and the Pacific’s Minecraft Team—consisting of Dessy Aldana, Timothy Bowes, Kaleb Cendana, Gab Fajardo, and Mike Racho—banded together to construct a Minecraft copy of their university. This provides students with the most realistic academic experience possible—through Minecraft.

Minecraft is a famous video game in which players create their own environment with pixelated bricks. Users may exercise their creativity and utilize their imagination to create anything they can imagine. It may also be utilized to interact with other players, which is ideal for filling the vacuum left by the pandemic’s lack of social connection.

“Whether you’re a dragon (a phrase used to designate UA&P students) looking to relive your UA&P experience or an online student who never had the opportunity to visit the school in person, now’s your chance,” Bowes said on Facebook.

Additionally, the team has made a few changes to the server, including the addition of areas that are not physically located within the school. “UA&P has never had a swimming pool, but we may have taken the first step in rectifying that,” Timothy said in the article.

However, for the most part, the Minecraft server resembles the school. The server records each of the institution’s famous places, from auditoriums and university gardens to cafeteria stalls and trees.

You can watch the video teaser for the server here.

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