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Game News - 24 de August, 2021

This Holiday’s Xbox Lineup Includes Cloud Gaming for the Xbox X/S and the Xbox One




Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to stream over 100 games on their consoles without having to download them this holiday season, including playing next-generation titles on last-generation hardware. Cloud gaming will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One this holiday season.

The update, which was announced during the Gamescom Xbox Stream 2021, is a significant step forward in making Xbox games available on practically any device. It will allow all eligible Game Pass titles to be streamed without the need to download or wait for installs, and it will be available immediately. According to Xbox, this is a convenient method to check out games before committing to downloading them, as well as to get right into multiplayer games with friends without requiring the entire group to sit around waiting.

In terms of the impact on last-gen games, the fact that Xbox Cloud Gaming server blades have now been upgraded to Series X hardware means that, with a strong enough internet connection, it is now possible to play Xbox Series exclusives on Xbox One or Series X-quality titles on a less powerful Series S. Of course, playing a game over the cloud is currently less reliable than playing a game from a hard drive, but with many new Microsoft Studios titles added to Game Pass that have cloud capability, it’s a great way to keep even those who can’t afford an Xbox Series console involved in the latest releases. “It’s a neat way to keep even those who can’t afford an Xbox Series console invested in the latest releases,” says a Microsoft representative.

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