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Tim Schafer says that Double Fine Productions wants to create a completely new and unique IP

Psychonauts 2 is a turning point for Double Fine Productions, an Xbox Game Studios division that will be exploring new possibilities and new IPs after the release of its much-anticipated title.

In a recent interview with Games Industry, Double Fine Productions’ CEO and Founder Tim Schafer said that the company’s next game would be “something new and very surprising to the people.”

Any developer would be proud of such ambitions, but Double Fine Productions has already made a name for itself by creating some of the most unique games available. Schafer’s desire to create something completely new stems from his desire to break away from the historical projects on which Double Fine Productions has worked for the most of the last decade.

From the remasterization of some of its classics, such as Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, to the creation of new adventures such as Broken Age and the creation of a sequel to the 16-year-old Psychonauts game. Schafer loves every detail, but as of now, he and his team are eager to explore new paths.

“And it’s been rewarding. I really enjoyed doing those remasters, I loved making an adventure game, and I loved making Psychonauts 2. But I think the team and I are really excited about doing something completely new that will be completely surprising to people.”

Schafer, on the other hand, is unsure how creative (and original) his future projects will be when compared to heavyweights like Psychonauts 2. He is certain of one thing, though, and that is the importance of ensuring the happiness of his team, since they are promoting high-quality games.

“If in five years we’re making really great creative games and we still have a lot of our team hanging out and happy to be working at Double Fine, that’s my main metric. And so far, I think we’re shipping a really good game and the team’s really happy and proud of it.”

Double Fine Productions hopes to take on many projects in the near future. Schafer said that there was a point during the development of Psychonauts 2 when “everyone was working hard to finish the game, but we would definitely like to be working on many other projects.”

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