Tim Schafer says there are currently no plans for Psychonauts 3

    Psychonauts 2 was recently published; it is the newest title from developer Double Fine, and the game so impressed the players that they should be in the mood for more with a sequel right now.

    With that in mind, a Psychonauts 3 would be very welcome, but Tim Schafer recently stated in an interview that there are presently no plans for Psychonauts 3. Tim Schafer even made a joke about a sequence, saying:

    “Have you completed the entire game? You can’t ask for a third one like that; the second game took us approximately five years to complete, and you’re satisfied with this one.” He goes on to explain, “There are currently no plans for a third game. I believe the team and I are looking forward to trying something fresh. We adore these characters, but we have no plans for them right now.”

    Tim Schafer makes it plain that the team wants to invest big on other projects and will let Psychonauts 2 shine for a long time, but there is still a chance that Psychonauts 3 may be published sooner than we think.

    Following the conclusion of the previous game, Raz finds that the company for which he worked has changed and is now controlling undesirable studios. He will now be tasked with tracking out the agent within the organization and stopping him before it’s too late.

    Similar to its predecessor, you’ll need to employ all of Raz’s psychic talents to investigate the brains of numerous people, all while combining platform elements and distinctive art.

    Psychonauts is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.