Xbox News - Playstation News - 4 de September, 2021

Tom Henderson says PlayStation Showcase 2021 will not feature GTA V E&E Edition and GTA VI

The announcement of the PlayStation Showcase yesterday stirred insiders, who revealed their sources to try to figure out what we will see during the event on September 9th.

As usual, there are few certainties but numerous rumors… Some affirm the inclusion of God of War, and there is broad discussion of a large number of titles for the PlayStation 5, including significant announcements and some surprises.

Insider Tom Henderson (renowned for his Battlefield and Call of Duty leaks over the years) appears to corroborate the event’s utter lack of Rockstar Games titles. Obviously, there will be no GTA VI (which will not be disclosed until early 2023), but he also claims that the extended and enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V, which will be released in November on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, will not be included in the presentation.

Consider this with caution, since Henderson’s reputation has suffered in recent weeks as a result of a poor track record of leaking and spreading false stories. If GTA VI is virtually guaranteed to be absent, a remastered edition of GTA V may arrive, since Sony has announced it for 2020.

Until then, however, we won’t know whether Rockstar Games will appear with Grand Theft Auto V, or whether they will depart to present the E & E (Enhanced & Expanded) Edition of the game in a separate broadcast, since the studio has stated that the news in this edition will be shown shortly.

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