Total War: WARHAMMER 3 receives a new trailer revealing the Great Cathay

    A new trailer for Total War: WARHAMMER III has been released, revealing the Big Cathay, one of the world's oldest and most powerful civilizations, where the offspring of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor reign!

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    Big Cathay is a land that coexists with the rest of the world. Every soldier understands his role in the Emperor’s massive Celestial Dragon project. The perfect balance of purpose and will expresses itself in the disciplined armies of dragons, known as the Harmony of Stone and Steel.

    Legendary Gentlemen

    Big Cathay is one of the Warhammer’s oldest and most powerful civilizations, one that has remained nearly unaltered for thousands of years. Rulers are the offspring of the Celestial Dragon Emperor, ancient and powerful creatures capable of taking human form and wielding the Yin and Yang schools of magic.

    Miao Ying is the ruler of Cathay in the North and the commander of the Great Bastion’s forces. After her father, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, entrusted her with the realm’s protection, she reigned in the northern regions for ages, cold and distant.

    Zhao Ming rules over Cathay of the West and the Heavenly Road that leads to the Mountains of Lamentation. The Iron Dragon, a tough frontier warrior, defends the empire’s western border and keeps the desert clans in line, while his brothers question his sanity.

    Race Play Style

    “Harmony” is the term that comes to mind while thinking of Cathay. Cathay’s dragons and armies are beings who seek order and balance in all they do, even how they fight war.

    Although the Dragon Emperor’s forces are defensive by nature and are skilled at repelling and weakening the opponent with defense and firepower, the most essential aspect of their battle strategy is ensuring that they fight as a unified organism. The bigger the unlocked benefits, the longer your forces maintain harmony on the battlefield.

    List of armies

    The Cathayans, being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the Old World, are a war machine capable of using a slew of ruthless and lethal forces. The powerful Terracotta Sentinels, the exquisite War Compass Wu Xing, and the ethereal Knights of Jade’s Glorious Longma form the army’s heart, with the devastating support options of the titanic Terracotta Sentinels, the exquisite War Compass Wu Xing, and the ethereal Knights of Jade’s Glorious Longma.

    Over the next few weeks, further details regarding Big Cathay will be released.