Turn 10 brings new information about Forza Motorsport

    Turn 10 provided some fascinating information regarding the gameplay and content of Forza Motorsport, the eighth chapter of Microsoft's racing game, during September's Forza Monthly, which was held today and brought news on the two series in the Forza franchise.

    During the live stream, Turn 10 reps talked about how they’re working to improve the series’ gameplay and content. Turn 10 spoke of the advancements made in the upcoming Forza Motorsport without releasing any gameplay video and emphasized the work taken to improve the multiplayer experience, such as the introduction of “racing weekends,” which include practice and qualifying sessions to set the starting grid.

    According to Turn 10, the ecosystem of modes and features in Forza Motorsport will be strengthened by the expansion of the competitive multiplayer section, as well as increased support for Endurance Racing, the introduction of a completely new detection system, and performance parameters in the track segments.

    These are the main news revealed today:

    • The multiplayer experience has been improved, and full “race weekends” (training, qualifying, and racing) have been included.
    • Races that are competitive.
    • Endurance races will have better support.

    You can now see where you’re wasting time thanks to a new track segment system.

    Turn 10’s new information today adds to their earlier promise of a huge generational leap with Forza Motorsport, which will feature the new Forza Tech X. However, no release date has been set, but insider and journalist Jeff Grubb believes the game will be released in 2022.

    Forza Motorsport will be available on PC and Xbox Series.