Tyranny, the latest season of Conqueror’s Blade, is now available

    The age of heroes has passed, and the time of the rebels has arrived. Rally against evil in the Tyranny Season, which is now available as a free upgrade to all players of Conqueror's Blade, Booming Tech's free online PC game.

    In this epic conflict, two teams of 15 players, each with an army of more than 100 warriors, compete for victory. The game, which features local servers to provide better performance for Brazilian gamers, is available for free download from the official website.

    Borders have been breached, and the populace has been killed, enslaved, or forced into a heinous regime commanded by a horrific tyrant. In a new Seasonal Campaign, your aim is to lead a rebellion to liberate the Borders and prevent the globe from sliding into tyranny in the Territory Wars at the end of the season.

    Unlock three new seasonal troops and lead them against this devilish new threat, each of which introduces a brand-new mechanical unit to Conqueror’s Blade with the start of the Tyranny Season.

    The Border Guardians are 3 Star Cavalry soldiers that use gunpowder-filled spears to assist break down your adversaries’ defense fortifications.

    The Ax Raiders are a 4 Star Infantry unit that attacks anyone who enters their way with the aggression and violence of axes.

    Finally, the Shenji Grenadiers are a 5 Star Musketeers unit with a powerful firepower. This legendary unit is crucial in Cambyses’ wars for balancing the scales.


    There is also a Tyranny Season Battle Pass available: Your struggle against tyranny will deliver new Heroes and Unit Suits, as well as Emotes, weapon skins, and more, with over 100 levels of Premium prizes to earn. Because Conqueror’s Blade is a free game, numerous incentives are accessible on the Free Pass.


    In addition to seasonal units, competitive PvP is still a vital part of Conqueror’s Blade’s endgame content, and Territory War will see unparalleled enhancements throughout the upcoming season and beyond.