Ubisoft Announces Return of Driver as a TV Series

    Born on the original PlayStation, the Driver franchise has been recognized since Driv3r as a series available on several platforms, including portables, and Ubisoft's announcement of a Driver TV Series was surprising in that aspect.

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    As you may recall, Ubisoft purchased the Driver IP from Atari in 2006, which it later sold along with the franchise’s producer Reflections Interactive (which was eventually renamed Ubisoft Reflections due to the purchase). Unfortunately, we only saw one game produced after it was purchased, Driver: San Francisco.

    Given its past rivalry with Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto, Ubisoft recognized the possibility for Driver to become a significant center of Action Adventure/Driving games during that time period. That changed in 2012, when the studio chose to make Watch Dogs, the 7th main game in the Driver franchise, an unprecedented franchise, and in 2016, it announced that “Driver was closed.”

    There was a lot of speculation that Ubisoft would sell Driver’s IP again, but that never happened, and the brand is still in the hands of Assassin’s Creed publisher, despite sitting in the freezer for 10 years, alongside names like Splinter Cell and Rayman.

    Today, Ubisoft announced a last-minute partnership with Binge, a media business focused on providing streaming content, such as TV shows and movies, but with a focus on gaming. The series will be produced by Ubisoft Films & Television, the same company that brought us Assassin’s Creed in 2016 and Werewolves Within in 2021.

    The platform will be available on all Internet-connected devices when it launches in 2022. There is currently no set date for the debut of the Driver’s TV Series.

    In terms of narrative, it has been stated that the series would center on the franchise’s much-loved and celebrated protagonist, John Tanner, an undercover police investigator who fights crime in his legendary Dodge Challenger R/S Yellow.

    We don’t know when the series will take place, but many believe it will take place after the events of Driver: San Francisco, when John awakens from his hospital coma and goes in search of Jericho, one of his main competitors who appeared for the first time on Driv3r.

    The television series Driver is currently under production.