Upcoming Xbox Game Studios Games Get New Details

    A number of code names and possible projects from Xbox Game Studios have sprouted up on the internet as a result of a recent breach in the NVIDIA database, generating speculations about anticipated Xbox titles for 2022 and beyond. 

    The alleged leak revealed games such as God of War for PC, Gears 6, and others, and while NVIDIA claimed that many of the titles were speculative, Jez Corden of the portal Windows Central claims that he has received documents proving that many of these projects are real.

    Project Typhoon, which is now known as Contraband and is being developed by Avalanche Studios, was one of the games disclosed in the database. There’s also Project Holanda, which is Fable, and Project Woodstock, which is Forza Horizon 5. While some of the titles on the list are unlikely to be marketable, many of them are, giving us a taste of what’s to come on Xbox.

    Jez Corden stated that he first heard about Project Indus in the spring of 2021, but he could only confirm that it is still in the works thanks to the GeForce Now leak. Oxide Games, best known for her work on the RTS Ashes of the Singularity, is developing Project Indus, a 4X strategy game.

    Project Indus

    Although Project Indus has yet to be seen, Corden claims that the gameplay is quite similar to Civilization, with turn-based strategic features such as city construction, empire development, espionage, diplomacy, warfare, and so on. Project Indus will be available on Xbox One and PC through the Microsoft Store and Steam.

    The company behind Wasteland is working on a new FPS RPG, as suggested by inXile Entertainment on Twitter, albeit the details are yet unknown.

    Corden is aware that the inXile game is known as Cobalt, and he feels he has a Steampunk aesthetic inspired by the Industrial Revolution. Steam engines, zeppelins, retro-futuristic robots, Victorian-era dark alleys, and much more may all be included in the game. The concept image for Project Cobalt was published on ArtStation by inXile artist Aleksander Danilovac, and we have reason to think that it captures the ambiance that inXile is aiming for in its title. Jeff Grubb, the editor of Venture Beat, recently claimed that inXile’s next game might be released in 2023.


    Right now, there’s a real mountain of projects in the works at Xbox Game Studios, both at Microsoft’s in-house studios under Matt Booty’s supervision and at Bethesda under Todd Howard’s. We know that Arkane Studios has switched their emphasis to their next action-adventure project, Redfall, that Bethesda has announced Starfield, and that IO Interactive’s Project Dragon is previously known. Aside from that, Microsoft is converting many of its in-house studios to multi-team status and creating numerous projects at the same time.

    The Xbox Series X continues to suffer availability difficulties, owing in part to a global semiconductor scarcity. Microsoft will have more exclusives than ever to promote and enhance the Xbox consoles, xCloud, and Xbox Game Pass, with the aim that stock levels will return to normal by the end of next year. There has never been a better moment to be an Xbox gamer.

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