V Rising receives its first gameplay

    Meet V Rising, the newest game from Stunlock Studios that casts you as a vampire in an open-world survival game loaded with strong enemies in a dark atmosphere.

    The game has a Diablo-style camera that provides the player with a wide field of vision. Days ago, the first gameplay of the title was released on Stunlock Studios’ official channel, which helps to offer a flavor of how the game would be.

    In V Rising, you are a vampire that has awoken after decades of hibernation. You are weak, and in order to restore your strength, you must seek blood. However, this will not be an easy task, since the world is now filled with formidable enemies who want to attack you from all sides. politeness.

    Will you be able to restore your castle, reclaim your power, and establish a new vampire empire? The wide open world of V Rising holds mysteries in its woods, dark dungeons, open meadows, and more. But remember to stay in the shadows or the sun will make you gray. You may also go on a co-op journey with a pal or go it alone.

    V Rising is currently exclusively available on PC through Steam and has no official release date. A beta version of the game will be held, but little information has been released, so click here to sign up for the beta.