Valve answers top questions about the Steam Deck

    Valve will begin selling the Steam Deck in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom in December of this year, with other territories following suit the following year.

    To answer the questions of fans who wish to buy this new hardware, the company has prepared a compilation of answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Steam Deck.

    Check out all of the answers below:

    Is it possible to have many Steam accounts on a single Steam Deck?

    • Yes, and each Steam Deck account will store its own data and local saves.

    Can I play non-Steam games on the Steam Deck using Proton?

    • Yes, you can use Proton to run non-Steam games.

    Will Steam Deck offer a ‘Add a Game’ feature similar to Steam on the desktop?

    • Yes, we will enable adding games in the same way that we do for the Steam desktop client.

    Will the Steam Deck interface take the place of the Big Picture?

    • That’s what we want, even if the launch happens in stages.

    Do the Proton upgrades for Steam Deck (such as anti-cheat support) apply to Proton on the desktop as well?

    • Yes, these enhancements will be available to all Proton-based systems.

    When it comes to opening games, how will SteamOS and Steam Deck handle offline mode?

    • Just like a PC, you must be connected to the internet in order to download games and play multiplayer games. You can play a game that has been installed on disk when the Steam Deck is offline, unless the game requires an internet connection.

    On Steam Deck, what file system format will the microSD card use?

    • ext4 is used by Steam Deck microSD cards, and SD cards are formatted properly by Steam Deck.

    Is it possible to use the Steam Deck as a PC controller?

    • Yes, you may use your Steam Deck as a controller by connecting it to a PC via Remote Play.

    Will Steam Deck be compatible with PC VR headsets?

    • While a PC VR headset can be attached, the Steam Deck is not designed for VR experiences.

    Is docking the deck beneficial to performance?

    • No, docking is more similar to attaching a USB-C hub to a computer. In portable mode, the Steam Deck performs at its peak.

    What kind of screen are the 64GB and 256GB variants equipped with?

    • A glass screen is standard on all versions (LCD and IPS). The 512GB model’s screen has an additional anti-glare treatment applied to it.

    How does the Steam Deck’s haptics work?

    • There are two LRA engines on the Steam Deck, one beneath each trackpad.

    Is the audio connector audio + microphone compatible?

    • Yes, it is a CTIA standard layout.

    Is the touchscreen multitouch capable?

    • For ten fingers, yes.

    What is the length of the charging cable?

    • 1.50 meters

    Will the Steam Deck be available in stores?

    • Steam Deck is only available through Steam. We may collaborate with merchants as we expand the availability of the Steam Deck to new regions. More on that soon.

    What can you tell us about the BIOS and whether or not it supports dual-booting?

    • Dual-boot is supported, which means you can install various operating systems and pick which one to boot. Users will be able to access the BIOS menu.

    Is it possible to boot an operating system from an SD card?

    • Yes, the Steam Deck can boot from a microSD card.

    Will the Steam Deck be able to use external GPUs?

    • No, external GPUs are not supported by Steam Deck.

    Can I change the model of my Steam Deck after I’ve already reserved it?

    • No, the only method to change your model after reserving a steam deck is to cancel and rebook (this would put you at the end of the queue for your region).