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We would argue that we are not fraudsters, according to Hasan Kahraman, who declares: “How are we scammers?”

Blue Box Studios’s founder and CEO Hasan Kahraman insists that he is not a “scammer.”

In an interview with NME, when asked about allegations that the company was “dishonestly defrauding consumers with botched game launches,” Kahraman replied: “It’s not dishonest. People understand exactly what they’re getting when they buy our games.”

“Apparently, some people believe that the men from Blue Box are fraudsters because they utilize their games to obtain money,” he said.

“We conducted a Kickstarter campaign and then we had a private investor who stepped in with further funding, which was why the game was put on hold a year later because we required more cash. We’re being accused of misusing those funds and keep them. However, if we were to misuse those funds, the investors would get their money back, correct? The less you return, the more of a debt it becomes. If an investor hands money to you, they are not saying, “Just keep it if it doesn’t work out.” This is not how it works! I’m just trying to figure out – how are we scammers?”

It is believed that Blue Box Game Studios had experienced six unsuccessful game launches in the past two years. Even while The Haunting has yet to exit early access, it’s one of the studios other games, a horror-themed mobile app called The Haunting, that has yet to go anywhere.

But in the end, everything was really buggy and seemed incorrect — it just didn’t feel right. “Then we came to the conclusion that ‘No one is going to pay for this, therefore we’re not going to do it.’” To sum it up, we emailed Valve and requested whether we could remove the opportunity to purchase the game on Steam.

Now that they have taken on development, their name has changed to CreateQ Interactive, who are dedicated to making the game in their free time. Unfortunately, production on The Haunting has slowed due to Abandoned currently being the studio’s primary focus.

He remarked, “We have to finish the game and then just get it out of our system.”

“What we’re actually doing today is being called scammy because players are complaining that ‘Yeah, you leave an unfinished game and then want others to pay for it.”  We will never want to do anything like that. That is not why we are in this profession.”

“This is another example of how Blue Box Game Studios wants everyone to be treated properly” said Kahraman.

“However, for nations like as Germany, we can’t post it free on the shop due of local regulations. They recommended charging 25 cents. However, I objected, saying “That’s completely unfair to our customers.” Since everyone will have it for free, it is not appropriate that Germans would have to pay for it.”

He found a solution to this by making the software available on PlayStation Plus.

He went on to say, “I don’t want individuals to be treated unfairly.” Then, the label of “scammer” would follow me about for the rest of my life. It truly, really concerns me that I don’t sleep well and I don’t eat properly.”

As a result, the team members from Abandoned are also heavily involved.

“As of now, Blue Box employees and freelancers we deal with refuse to expose their faces, he confirmed. You don’t want to be called a scammer, do you? In other words, the main reason why people have been reluctant to reveal their faces and/or publicly announce their involvement with Abandoned is because of this.”

He told me, “I am very depressed right now.” I’m too tired to sleep, and I’m too hungry to eat.” It’s irritating that people think we’re frauds. That really, truly pains me. Actually, that’s not my aim in the least.”

He simply stated, “We’re here to develop games that people enjoy.”

Alan Wake 2 is believed to be in full production, with the game set to launch this year.

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