Wuchang: Fallen Feathers, Chinese action RPG gets 18 minutes of Gameplay

    China is all about game development, particularly action RPGs and Souls-like games. Wuchang: Fallen Feathers, produced by Leenzee Games, a Chinese independent studio, is the newest game on the horizon.

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    In addition to Wuchang: Fallen Feathers, don’t forget about the recently announced Xie Yun Liu Chuan, a new Chinese game featuring quick and accurate gameplay that is reminiscent of Sekiro. The game’s visuals are extremely impressive. We also have Black Myth: WuKong from Game Science Interactive Technology, a Chinese independent studio. The game’s details are outstanding, and it’s all done using Unreal Engine 5.

    To many people’s pleasure, Wuchang: Fallen Feathers will be an action RPG with Souls-like elements. The official IGN China channel released its first gameplay video, which is 18 minutes long and gives a taste of what the game has to offer in terms of combat, exploration, and interaction with NPCs.

    Based on historical events, Wuchang: Fallen Feathers takes the player to the Ming Dynasty of ancient China and centers on the fictitious figure, Wuchang, and his quest for truth.

    Wuchang: Fallen Feathers is presently in development and won’t be released until 2024. Platforms have yet to be announced.