Xbox Series X|S reaches 7 million units sold

    According to VGChartz, the best-selling system was the Nintendo Switch, which sold 301,405 copies in the week ending Sept. 4. The Switch has sold 90.55 million copies throughout its projected useful life.

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    The PlayStation 5 sold about 203,654 units, increasing its total lifetime sales to 11.45 million. The Xbox Series X | S sold 130,365 units, increasing the console’s total sales to 7.06 million.

    It took 43 weeks for the Xbox Series X|S to sell seven million units globally, while the Xbox One took 52 weeks. The PlayStation 4 sold around 30,256 units, the Xbox One 12,053 units, and the Nintendo 3DS 703 units.

    Nintendo Switch sales were down 64,896 units (-17.7 percent) compared to the same week last year.The PlayStation 4 was down 84,456 units (-73.6%), the Xbox One was down 15,404 units (56.1%), and the Nintendo 3DS was down 3,900 units (-84.7%).In terms of week-to-week sales, the Nintendo Switch grew by over 13,000 units, the PlayStation 5 decreased by nearly 16,000 units, while the Xbox Series X|S stayed steady.

    Check out the data by area today, and tell us about yourself: were you able to purchase a console in the middle of scarcity?